Big Red Fences Pomme de Terre; Fotinatos renews B2011, McIntosh wins soup

20 Jun 2011
Posted by Mike Fotinatos

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Four Big Red fencers traveled to Brandeis University to fence in the NEUSFA Pomme de Terre competition.  Of the Men’s team, Mike Fotinatos ’12 and Benjamin Jaeger ’13 competed in the foil and saber opens respectively.  Women’s team members Christine McIntosh ’14 and Beverly Yang ’13 also participated, both placing in the top 8 for their respective weapons.

In the saber event, Jaeger was able to secure two out of six potential victories in his pool, seeding him 31st into the direct elimination round.  Defeating his first opponent by a 15-13 margin, he was stopped short by the second seeded Sean Turner, and finished with a final result of 30th/53.

The Men’s foil event was the most heavily populated of the day with 82 fencers, and enough rated competitors to make it an A4 competition.  Fotinatos went 5-1 in his pool, which seeded him 12th after the first round.  Beginning the direct elimination round, he edged out his first opponent 15-10, and subsequently defeated A-rated Jonathan Jacovino to move into the top 16.  Missing out on his A by only four touches, he fell to Stephen Jan, but was able to earn a B2011 for his efforts.  Overall he finished 12th on the day.

Christine McIntosh, competing in the Women’s Foil Open, managed to go undefeated in the pool round, placing her 5th out of 54 going into the DE’s.  Handily winning her first bout to move into the round of 16, she pulled close victories in two extremely intense bouts, defeating Michelle Verhave 15-14 and Janette Starks-Faulkner 15-13.  With much of her energy depleted, McIntosh was finally stopped in the semi-final round, but claimed a fabulous can of Campbell’s Cream of Potato soup as her prize.  Pictures of Chrissy with her bronze medal soup will be uploaded shortly.

Cornell’s Beverly Yang participated in the last event of the day, Women’s Open Saber.  Also going undefeated in her pool, Yang received a BYE into the round and defeated her first opponent by a comfortable 15-8 margin.  Despite fencing well in her bout to enter the semifinals, equipment trouble made even simple actions a difficult proposition, and Yang was unaware of her broken body cord until she was already down 9-2.  Finally changing her equipment and refocusing, she quickly brought the score back to a 13-10 deficit but was finally snuffed out by eventual gold medalist Alexa Rohan.  Yang finished 6th out of 32, and received a potato chip bag clip as her prize.

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