Big Red goes undefeated at first MACFA meet

26 Nov 2010
Posted by Mike Fotinatos

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The Big Red fencing team showed some unprecedented success this weekend, going undefeated in the first MACFA event.  Edging out five schools, Cornell readily defeated Hunter, Drew and Maryland and pulled out thrilling 14-13 victories against Rutgers and Stevens.  It is notable that Hunter, Drew and Stevens are all Varsity programs

The foil squad (Nick Heiner ‘12, Mike Fotinatos ‘12, and Trevor Ertel ‘12) went undefeated on the day, pulling off two stunning comebacks under pressure.  This was the first MACFA meet for freshmen Zen Yui, Matt Joe, Dan Pearlstein, and sophomore Jason Kowalski.  
Starting the day off with Hunter, the Epee squad (Zen Yui ‘14, Dave Smith ‘13, Dan Pearlstein ‘14 and Tim Gao ‘12) showed a strong start with a 6-3 victory.  Saber (Benjamin Jaeger ‘13, Matt Joe ‘14, Jason Kowalski ‘13) pummeled their opposition, achieving their first of two squad bagels (9-0) while foil struggled a bit at first but closed with a 5-4 win.
The next match was against Drew.  The foil squad picked up the pace and not to be outdone by the saber squad’s previous squad bagel, earned a 9-0 victory of their own.   Saber pulled out a 7-2 win, with an excellent performance by freshman Matt Joe, going 3-0.  The epeeists scraped out a victory 5-4, with freshman Dan Pearlstein going 2-0 and Zen Yui going 2-1.
The next match with Rutgers was a nail-biter.  Saber and Epee both fell 3-6 to strong opposing squads, which meant foil had to go at least 8-1 to pull out a win. Prospects looked grim after the first foil bout resulted in a loss, but the squad regrouped, refocused, and refused to let another bout slip, with captain Mike Fotinatos clinching the final bout 5-3 against their A-strip, sealing a 14-13 team victory.
UMD posed little threat to the Big Red, as they were hastily defeated by a score of 24-3.  Both foil and saber went 9-0.  Epee finished off with a win, 6-3 and freshman Zen Yui picked up his stride and stomped out Maryland’s epee team 3-0.  
The day ended against Steven’s Institute of Technology, arguably the toughest school of the day.  Featuring highly rated fencers in all squads, Stevens proved formidable but the Big Red pulled out a number of crucial victories.  Matt Joe managed to take down A-strip Dima Lamiansky 5-1, while Benjamin Jaeger secured two more wins, ending in a 3-6 loss.  The Epee squad all managed to defeat Charles Steiner, who won the Temple Open last year, while Dan Pearlstein also defeated A-rated Danny Burke.  However, despite their best efforts, they finished 4-5, which meant that once again foil was given the task of pulling out at last a 7-2 victory.  Both Ertel and Fotinatos fell to Steven’s Anthony Worthington but defeated the other foilists, which left the 27th both in the hands of Nick Heiner, against anchor Worthington.  In an amazing demonstration of focus and precision, Nick defeated Worthington 5-0, not even allowing him to register an on-target light.  Celebrating a 14-13 victory and an overall undefeated day, CUMFC took a steamy team shower before rolling back to Ithaca.

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