Cornell Finishes 2nd at Club Champs-Foil Squad Wins Gold.

23 Apr 2014
Posted by Matthew Laks

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The Cornell Men’s Fencing Team capped off the end of their season with an incredible 2nd place victory at USACFC’s in Knoxville, Tennessee. The foil squad, comprised of three freshmen fencers—Calvin Au, Julian May-Mann, and Jake Silverman, captured the gold squad medal at the event, the first time the foil squad has won since 2009. The Sabre squad finished 2nd after falling to the United States Military Academy in the final bout. Matthew Laks ‘15 finished 2nd in the individual sabre event and Calvin Au ‘14 finished 5th in the individual foil event. 

The Big Red drove into Tennessee (a 13 hour drive) with incredible momentum following a strong performance at MACFA Champs. Club Champs is a two-day event where over 40 fencing collegiate fencing clubs throughout the nation compete for fencing superiority. There is both a team, squad, and individual component to the tournament. The squad performances will be broken down below followed by individual results and team results: 

Foil Squad (Calvin Au ‘17, Julian May-Mann ‘17, Jake Silverman ‘17)

The foil squad performed exceptionally well at Club Champs seeding first on day one. All members of the squad qualified for the individual portion of the tournament. Jake Silverman finished 16th, Julian May-Mann 13th, and Calvin Au topped off a superb first day with a 5th place finish. On day 2 the foil squad won all of their direct elimination bouts. Freshman Julian May-Mann captured the gold-clinching victory entering a 4-4 tie against Texas A&M. After falling behind 2-0 in the bout, Julian ended up winning 5-3 in front of a huge crowd of spectators. 

Sabre Squad (Matthew Joe ‘14, Max Berman, ‘14, Matthew Laks ‘15, Steven Pochapin ‘15)

The Sabre Squad had an excellent showing. On the first day of competing in which seeds are determined, the sabre squad won every single bout, clinching the #1 seed going into day 2. Laks, Joe, and Pochapin all qualified for the individual portion of the tournament. Steven Pochapin finished 13th, Matthew Joe 10th and Junior Matthew Laks finished 2nd after falling to Blake Gordon , the gold medalist at MACFA champs. On the second day of competition, the sabre squad glided into the final which was a match up against the US Army sabre squad. After a hard fought match, the Cornell team was defeated by Army. 

Epee Squad (Frank Castelli, Harrison Fox ‘14, Danny Qiao ‘15)

The Epee Squad finished 13th overall at the tournament. They faced some stiff competition in day 1, hurting their seeding in day 2. All of the fencers performed very well and fought for a deserving top-15 finish. 

For the overall best men’s team award, the men’s team finished 2nd overall to Dartmouth. The Cornell Men’s Team proudly brought home gold medals in foil, three trophies, and silver medals in sabre. The Cornell Team was the only team in the nation to have two squads in the final (Foil and Sabre). 

The next season will start in October with the Temple Open in Philadelphia. Stay tuned!

Knoxville, TN


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