Cornell Fencing goes 3-1 at second MACFA meet. Saber squad goes undefeated on the day.

09 Feb 2011
Posted by Mike Fotinatos

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 The Cornell Men’s Fencing team travelled to Steven’s Institute of Technology for their second MACFA meet of the season to face against Haverford College, William and Mary, Lafayette College and University of Virginia.  The Big Red handily defeated the latter three schools, only falling to defending MACFA champion Haverford.  The saber squad (Zach Silversmith ’13, Benjamin Jaeger ’13, and Matt Joe ’14) went undefeated on the day, securing a number of impressive victories against strong competitors.

The foil squad (Nick Heiner ’12, Trevor Ertel ’12, and Mike Fotinatos ’12) all finished the day with records of 10-2.  Unfortunately, five of these six losses were against Haverford, which meant a narrow 5-4 loss for the previously undefeated foilists.  Otherwise, they managed to secure two squad bagels against Lafayette and UVA, while defeating William and Mary 8-1.
The saber squad held together extremely well, and together managed to stomp out all opposition.  All of the saberists went 2-1 against the strong Haverford team, and pulled a squad bagel off of William and Mary.   Zach Silversmith had the highest team record on the day with 11-1, while Benjamin Jaeger went 10-2 and Matt Joe went 8-4. 
The epee squad (Bryan Mills ’12, Dan Pearlstein ’14 and Tim Gao ’12) struggled, pulling out a victory against UVA, and falling to the other three schools.  Unfortunately, many of the epeeists’ losses were by a close 4-5 margin.  The squad looks to pick itself up at the next MACFA tournament, which A and B strip Zen Yui and Dave Smith will be able to attend.  

Hoboken, NJ

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