Cornell finishes 6th Overall at MACFA Champs, 2nd Place in Saber

07 Mar 2013
Posted by Matthew Laks

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On Saturday March 2nd the Cornell Men?s Fencing Team travelled to College Park, Maryland to compete in the MACFA Championships on Sunday March 3rd. The MACFA Championships pins MACFA teams head to head to put the teams, individual squads, and individual fencers to the test. At the end of the day, the team with the most victories and touches scored across all three weapons would be crowned the MACFA Champion. 
For the Big Red, the team saw some success as well as some struggles throughout the day. Trying to improve upon their 7th place finish last year at MACFA Champs in Jersey City, the Red finished in 6th place overall out of 14 teams.  
The Big Red Saber Squad, coming off of a 2nd place finish at MACFA champs and being crowned USACFC Champions the year prior, took home the silver medal for a second year in a row. The eventual winner of Men?s Saber was Johns Hopkins, who held a 4 bout lead over the Red after the Big Red dropped two 5-4 bouts against them in their head-to-head matchup. Senior Benjamin Jaeger anchored the squad on the B-Strip and advanced to the individual round of the day. Jaeger defeated Johns Hopkins A-Strip, Josiah Yiu in his first bout to reach the top-4. He then lost an extremely hard fought 15-14 bout to Blake Gordon, the eventual winner of the individual tournament. Ben ended up in fourth place to close out his MACFA career with a bang. 
The Cornell Foil Squad had some more difficulty throughout the day, with a high level of competition from a number of MACFA schools. The squad went 19-20 on the day, for a sub .500 winning percentage, but was still able to manage 8th place out of 14 teams. They will be looking to regroup in preparation for Club Championships in Michigan.
The Big Red Epee Squad also struggled to gain any leverage throughout the day, finishing with a 16-23 record and placing 10th out of 14. As with the foil squad, the Epee squad will continue to work to manage better results at Club Champs. 
Overall, the Big Red had a successful day with their 6th place overall finish. They will try to crack the top three next year at MACFA Champs. In terms of the rest of the season, the Big Red will be training hard in preparation for Club Champs at Michigan State University. They are looking forward to defending their third place team overall trophy and potentially winning the whole thing. Stay tuned for those results in April!

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