Cornell Men Compete Alongside Cornell Women's NCAA Team At Brandeis

30 Dec 2016
Posted by Calvin Au

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Closing out 2016 with its final tournament of the year, the Cornell Men’s Fencing Club Team traveled to Waltham, Massachusetts this past weekend alongside the Cornell Women’s Fencing Varsity Team to compete in the Brandeis Invitational. The Cornell Fencing Team, as one unit, competed against the host school, Brandeis University (Division III) as well as Division I competitors Boston College, UNC, MIT, and St. John’s, with the Men’s Team closing the day with a 2-3 record, clutching victories against Boston College (14-13) and Brandeis (16-11), with close-fought battles against UNC (10-17) MIT (9-18) and St. John’s (8-19). The Women’s Varsity Team performed fiercely, closing the day with a 4-1 record, falling short only to UNC (15-12) Bringing such a stellar performance as a club team among Division I schools, the Club Team showed both its dedication to The Cornell Team as whole and its perseverance to make its presence known among top competitors.
Junior saber fencer Ben Goldman talks about phenomenal performances by his teammates under stressful odds as well as how the tournament served to draw the Men’s and Women’s Teams together: “ I was extremely proud of how we fenced against top competition. There were legendary performances that will live on in Cornell University Men’s Fencing Team history. Along with the Cornell University Women’s Fencing Team, we had some memorable times that made our team stronger and more battle tested for the future.”

Sophomore foil fencer Owen Sconzo comments on the team’s vast improvements since the Hunter College tournament only a few weeks before, a strong sense of team unity, and his happiness to see the Men and Women support each other as one team: “Even though Hunter was only a few weeks ago, I feel like the team has made huge improvements in our fencing since then. Although the competition was tougher at Brandeis it never felt like we were in over our heads and we stayed strong and supported each other throughout the entire day. Also it was awesome to see the men’s and women’s team cheering each other on and competing side by side.”

Freshman epee fencer Kevin Wang similarly states his excitement of fencing alongside the Women’s Varsity Team: “There were definitely some memorable moments that will be remembered forever, such as the final saber bouts against Boston College to win 14-13. Moments like that when both teams are fully supporting each other make fencing really fun to watch and brings the team together.”

Freshman saber fencer Milo Wittenberg discusses how the tournament not only served as a memorable experience by placing him in high-pressure situations while being supported by his teammates, but also how the tournament as a whole served as a culmination and manifestation of what he hoped to gain from joining the team: “I will never forget the excitement of fencing a high-pressure bout with the whole team watching. Personally, the experience was a culmination of everything I had envisioned joining Cornell Fencing, and is indicative of significant progress towards the development and growth of the team.”
Finally, senior foil fencer and team captain Calvin Au, who fenced his final meet as a Cornell fencer this past weekend, shares his thoughts and appreciations of his team’s performance: “”I saw tremendous growth in the team during our meet at Brandeis. With tougher opponents at the meet, the pressure on our fencers was greater than ever. However, instead of shying away and letting the pressure affect us, we were able to come together as a team and support everyone through every bout. With both the Men and Women’s teams at the meet, it was awesome to see both teams supporting each other. This being my last fencing meet representing Cornell University, I couldn’t have been happier when our team was able to pull out wins against Brandeis and BC at an event we were winless at last year. This meet is definitely one of the ones I will remember the most as a fencer on the Cornell Men’s Fencing Club Team.”

With the fall semester coming to a close and the winter break beginning soon, the Men’s Team will return on February 12th with a MACFA meet at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.


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