Foil and Saber Squads place 3rd at Club Nationals; Silversmith grabs Individual Silver

20 Apr 2011
Posted by Mike Fotinatos

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The Cornell Big Red traveled to Chicago, Illinois to fence in the US Collegiate Club National Fencing tournament.  Both the foil and saber squads fenced to a bronze medal finish in a field of roughly 36 teams from around the country.  Sophomore Zach Silversmith was also able to secure a second place finish despite serious injuries in the final round.
Foil was seeded 2nd after pools and fell to eventual champion Northwestern in the top 4, besting Army for the bronze medal.  Juniors Nick Heiner and Mike Fotinatos served as veteran anchors, while freshman John Zeiger posted an impressive 8-2 record on C-strip.  Heiner posted a 9-1 record on A-strip and made it to the semi-final individual pool.  Fotinatos, going 9-1 on B, missed the individual round by indicators.  In the later elimination rounds, Fotinatos went 3-0 against a competitive Rutgers squad, and Heiner went 3-0 against Army in the bronze medal bout.  Heiner was promoted to individuals, but was unable to make the final round.
The saber squad began its run somewhat crippled, given that freshman Matt Joe was unable to make it to the competition until noon on Saturday due to flight complications, and was thus not allowed to fence until Sunday.  Nonetheless, Zach Silversmith and sophomore Benjamin Jaeger only dropped 1 and 2 bouts respectively, and both were promoted to the individual round.  While Benjamin was unable to make the final pool, Zach earned a silver medal.  With Matt Joe participating in the direct elimination round, they increased their seed from 12th to 3rd, falling only to the saber champion Rutgers.   They then defeated  Florida to finish 3rd on the day.
Epee had a less successful event, placing 29th out of pools and 24th overall.   Juniors Bryan Mills, Tim Gao and freshman Dan Pearlstein put up a good fight but fell to the 4th seed in the first round.  They managed to win their next match to propel them into the 24s, but struggled in subsequent matches.  Notably, two of our best epeeists, Zen Yui and Dave Smith, were unable to attend.
Overall the team finished 6th out of 36 schools at the event.  It was a great way to end the season and had an overall epic trip.  Thanks go to UChicago for hosting and Mrs. Heiner and Mrs. Pearlstein for showing up and supporting us.   

Chicago, IL


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