Men's Fencing takes 5th Overall at USACFC Championships

05 Apr 2009
Posted by Bryan Mills

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The Big Red Men’s Fencing Team travelled to Wisconsin Dells this weekend to compete in the USACFC Championships against 32 schools from across the nation. It was a two day tournament hosted at the Wisconsin Dells Convention Center by the University of Wisconsin.

The first day of the tournament consists of a round of pools, seeded by skill rating from the regular season tournaments of which Cornell is part of the Mid Atlantic Collegiate Fencing Association (MACFA). Pre rankings left the Epee Squad ranked 20th, the Sabre Squad ranked 10th, and the Foil Squad ranked 5th out of all of the squads attending.

The round of pools is fenced with three bouts between each squad. The A, B, and C strip each fence one bout against the A, B, or C strip of the other team (respectively). Two out of three bouts is considered a win over that school.

After the first round of pools, the Sabre Squad had lost to just one team, Arizona State, and left MJ Kim ‘11 ranked 6th in the A division, Captain Greg Calosso ‘09 ranked 5th in the B division, and Mike Fotinatos ‘12 ranked 1st in the C division by just one touch. Fotinatos thus qualified to compete in the individual playoffs. The Sabre Squad was then re-ranked to 9th after pools. The Epee squad, with James Roll ‘09, Angel Vasquez ‘11, and Bryan Mills ‘12, fought hard, but came up quite short in their pool, ending the day ranked 21st.

The Foil squad came out fighting and fierce, losing to just one team, University of Michigan. In their pool, Nick Heiner ‘12 was ranked 1st in the A division for the foil squad, Jeremy Luterbacher grad ranked 1st in the B division, and Ethan Peck ‘09 ranked 1st in the C division. All advancing to the individual round, the foil squad was seeded 1st out of the pools.

Mike Fotinatos progressed to the finals for the individual round by just one touch and proceeded to earn 7th overall in Sabre in the tournament. Nick Heiner and Jeremy Luterbacher also continued to the finals for the individual round for Foil. Luterbacher placed 8th , and Nick Heiner took home the Silver Medal.

The second day of the tournament was a 32 team bracket for each squad where the three fencers from each squad would fence all three fencers from opposing squads. The first team to reach 5 wins would move on to the next round. All spots in the bracket were fenced out.

All three squads won in the first round putting them all in the Sweet 16 with the Epee squad upsetting #12 Vermont. The Epee squad then lost 5-4 to #5 USC moving them to eventually place 16th overall.

The Sabre Squad took on #24 Purdue in the first round winning 5-1, and then took on long time MACFA rival #25 William and Mary who had upset #8 Swarthmore in the previous round. The Big Red Sabrists beat William and Mary 5-2 bringing them to take on #1 Arizona State who they had lost to the previous day. Although they lost to the #1 seed, they then beat the #5 seed UCLA (5-3). The Sabrists took 6th overall in the tournament.

The Foil squad demolished #16 Arizona State (5-1) and then did the same to #8 Northwestern (5-1), bringing them to the Semi-Finals to take on #4 Michigan who they had suffered their one loss to the day before. Each Big Red Foilist stepped up and took down Michigan (5-1) to advance to the finals. The final round featured Cornell vs. host school #2 Wisconsin. The Big Red took down Wisconsin with ease (5-1) to capture the Gold Medal for 1st place for Men’s Foil. The last time Cornell had won 1st place in Foil was in 2004.

Overall, the Men accumulated 695 out of 960 points in the team competition, ranking them 5th overall among Men’s teams. University of Florida took 1st, University of Michigan took 2nd, Northwestern took 3rd, and Arizona State took 4th among Men’s Teams.

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