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02 May 2017
Posted by Michael Mauer

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 On April 8th and 9th, the Cornell Men’s Club Fencing Team travelled to Lansing, Michigan to participate in the United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs Championships. The team competed in a squad seeding round and individual tournament on Saturday, followed by the squad championships on Sunday.

The saber squad fought well on the first day despite fielding a young team of three freshmen, and seeded 16th for the squad championships. The squad also qualified C-strip Eric Sun for the individual tournament. On the second day, the men continued to represent Cornell well, placing 18th in the squad championship event.

The foil squad similarly fought well despite the lack of A-strip fencer Owen Sconzo due to a travel mishap. With sophomore Epee fencer Nate Taylor filling in as the C-strip, the squad seeded 11th after the first day to place 17th in the championship. The squad qualified junior A-strip fencer Michael Mauer for the individual championship where he defeated Seth Daily (William & Mary) to clutch the Men’s individual foil title.

The Epee squad began the tournament strong by dropping only 7 of 27 bouts their first day to seed 3rd into the squad competition. The squad also qualified all three fencers for the individual tableau, one of only two schools to do so. Freshman B-strip Kevin Wang finished 7th in the championship, A-strip Grant Uebele finished 8th, and Team Captain Jake Silverman finished 9th. The squad pushed through on the second day with incredible performances by all three fencers to defeat Tufts University 5-3 for the men’s epee squad championship title.

Silverman commented on his team’s drive despite the odds and his experience at his last meet as a member of the team: “We started the semester with a much-changed line-up; we entered this meet with one of our top fencers missing his flight. Yet each squad went in and fenced their all, and each squad excelled. Foil took first in individuals. One member of our saber squad placed in the top 16, this particular sabreur switching to saber only two months prior. Epee squad took first, a nice sendoff for me during my last meet. I am proud of the way the team performed and I am proud of the results we obtained. This victory is definitely one that I will look back on. I am excited to see the team continue to excel and grow. Though now I go through the bittersweet transition from team member to alumni.”

Freshman Grant Uebele commented on his first time at the championships and the inspiration he drew from his team: “Going into this tournament, I didn’t know what to think. With all of the travel problems our team experienced leading up to the tournament, I had doubts about us living up to the expectations we had set for ourselves. But, right from the start, I was impressed with the drive that my teammates faced this championship. Despite our disadvantage, every member of the team stepped up to pull his own weight, fighting until the last touch. During our path to the championship, I knew that Jake, Kevin, and I were exhausted from the start, but I knew how much each of us wanted the gold, and that helped me fence that next touch and that next bout. Being surrounded by a team I knew I count depend on even in the most trying of times is an experience I will truly never forget.”

Taking home two championship titles and two more individual medals, the Men’s Team finishes its 2016-2017 season. Although individual members pursue North American Cups and the Summer National’s in the next few months, the team will return for the 2017-2018 season in the fall. Until then, GO BIG RED!


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