People in the class of 2004

Kris Teng's picture

Kris Teng fenced for the Cornell Men’s Fencing Club from 2001-2004. He began his Cornell fencing career in foil, a start which included a surprising 5-0 victory over the Temple Open 2000 champion in his first pool match. However, at coach Al Peters’s behest, he switched to saber to bolster the saber squad. This move paid dividends when coach Andy Stewart joined the team in 2003, giving it a highly-qualified saber coach. Kris was a major part of the 2004 National Collegiate Fencing Club Championship-winning team, going 17-2 in B strip saber and finishing in 5th place overall.
Prior to his career at Cornell, Kris fenced foil for 3 years at The Fencing Center, located in San Jose, CA.

Kris is currently a third year law student at the University of Texas. He hopes to practice in the field of patent litigation.

Foil, Saber

Matt Herndon's picture

Matt captained the team during his senior year (2004) and served as captain of the Epee squad from 2002-2004. One of CUMFC’s most successful epeeists in recent history, Matt achieved many outstanding results, including individual silver medal finishes in both MACFA Championships and USACFCs in 2004. That same year Herndon led Cornell to gold medals in the Men’s 3-Weapon Team event and the Team Epee event at USACFCs. Matt also won the Graeme Jennings award in 2002.

Subsequently, Matt has continued his fencing career and participates in a number of USFA tournaments in the North Atlantic Region. He recently earned his A2011, and anchored the Big Red Machine to a Gold Medal finish at the Swords and Strategy Team Open with Frank Castelli and Mike Fotinatos. He currently helps coach the Cornell Recreational Fencing team.

Prior to Cornell, Matt fenced at the Virginia Academy of Fencing, but attributes almost all of his fencing ability to CUMFC.



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