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Nick learned to fence at Rain City Fencing Center in Bellevue, WA. His competitive results include 3rd/223 in Div2 (Atlanta Summer Nationals 2006), 10th/101 at Temple 2009, and 6/56 in North Atlantic U19MF Sectionals. He has an A09 rating and was one of the most competitive foilists in WA state.
Nick has earned the Team MVP award for the past three seasons (sharing it with Mike Fotinatos in 2011). He was 2nd individual foilist at USACFCs 2009. In 2010, he was the MACFA Foil Champion. As the A-strip, he has helped carry the foil squad to win MACFA in both 2010 and 2011, as well as USACFCs in 2009.
Nick has taken a leadership role on the team since his freshman year. He is responsible for the creation of this website, and its predecessor, which was in operation from December 2008 until November 2009. He served as a co-captain from 2009-2010, and vice president from 2010-2012.
Nick is an Information Science major who enjoys building cool apps that help people automate a tedious process, connect with others, or goof off. He has interned at Microsoft and Google.

MACFA 1 - Haverford 2008, MACFA 2 - SIT 2009, MACFA 3 - NJIT 2009

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Fotinatos captained the team during his sophomore and junior year and has had a decorated tenure with CUMFC. He has been fencing since 2004 under the tutelage of Stanislav Gutkovskiy, and is currently a B in foil, C in saber, and C in epee. He graduated in 3.5 years and secured his 100th career victory during the first meet of his senior season. 

At Cornell, he has posted above a .700 regular season record each year, most notably going 34-5  (.872) in 2010-2011 earning him a tie for the team’s best result award with Nick Heiner.   He helped bring home two consecutive MACFA Championship Foil titles (2010, 2011), as well as a 3rd place individual finish at MACFA Champs in 2010.  At Club Nationals (USACFC), he placed 5th in individual foil in 2010, and managed a 7th place individual saber result in 2009 despite it being his secondary weapon.  He was also a member of  the Bronze Medal foil team at the 2011 USACFC event and made an unprecedented top-8 finish in at the 2011 Temple Open. He has represented Cornell at NACs and many USFA events over the past three years. 

Prior to Cornell, he fenced on the Northern Highlands Regional High School varsity team for four years, serving as captain as a junior and senior. Winning two Squad District Championships in 2007 and 2008, and a District Individual Championship in 2008, Fotinatos was named 1st Team All-County, 1st Team All-League, and 2nd Team All-State.  

When he’s not fencing, Mike enjoys planning social events, comedic writing and singing.

Foil, Epee, Saber
MACFA 1 - Haverford 2008, MACFA 2 - SIT 2009, MACFA 3 - NJIT 2009

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Bryan has fenced for Cornell Men’s Fencing for the last three years. During his Freshman season, he helped the epee squad to a top 16 finish at USACFC Champs. His sophomore year, he led the epee squad to a top 10 finish at USACFCs while finishing in the top 16 individually at the same tournament. His Junior year, after spending the fall in Birmingham, UK, he returned to lead the epee squad. He looks forward to leading the epee squad to glory in this 2011-12 season, his last.
Before attending Cornell, Bryan fenced for Newark Academy, in Livingston, NJ, for four years. He earned four Varsity Letters, won Rookie of the Year as a Freshman, and was Epee squad captain for his junior and Senior years.
Bryan is enrolled in the College of Agriculture and LIfe Sciences, studying Applied Economics and Management. 

MACFA 1 - Haverford 2008, MACFA 2 - SIT 2009, MACFA 3 - NJIT 2009

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At Cornell:  Wen Xuan earned a .429 record in the 2010 season.  In his freshman season against UNC, he went 2-1 by beating two As. A hard worker and solid contribution to the epee squad, he finished 22-27 the 2008-2009 season at MACFA competitions. 
Prior to Cornell: Wen Xuan started fencing foil in 2001 in Malaysia changed to fencing epee in 2005. It was in China in 2006 when he began fencing more competitively.
Personal: Wen Xuan is of Malaysian citizenship, but he has lived in England, Singapore, China and the USA as well as Malaysia.

MACFA 1 - Haverford 2008, MACFA 2 - SIT 2009, MACFA 3 - NJIT 2009

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Tim started fencing in college, and has fenced for CUMFC for the past three years. He is the team Treasurer for 20011-2012. He is a major in Applied & Engineering Physics in the College of Engineering.  A huge fan of Rebecca Ward, he hopes to don his chain mail and improve upon his results in the 2011-2012 year.
When he’s not fencing, he enjoys playing guitar, working on his Aussie accent, and not getting AIDS.

MACFA 1 - Haverford 2008

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Alex started fencing since freshman year of high school and enjoys it. He entered Cornell’s fencing team his sophomore year and will continue to fence during his free time when he is not researching.


Trevor Ertel's picture

Trevor fenced at the Rochester Fencing Club under the tutelage of Nat Goodhartz. He began fencing when he was eight years old, and started fencing on the national circuit the following year.

During Ertel’s freshman season, he fenced only saber at MACFA meets. Despite it being his secondary weapon, he still made a strong contribution to the team.  Overall, he had a winning record of .59. At MACFA Championships 2009, he swept C-Strip saber and placed 8th in the individual round.  The following season, Trevor switched back to foil, earning much stronger season records of 30-6 (.833) in 2010, and 22-5 in 2011 (.815).  Trevor has been a keystone fixture of the two-time gold medal foil squad at MACFA Championships, dropping only one bout in the 2010 team rounds and placing 7th in the individual event. In 2011, he improved upon these results by going undefeated in the team rounds and placing and 5th in individuals.

Trevor is a senior in the College of Engineering. He can be counted on to enjoy a good jam session with his bass guitar, a good swim (he swims at Helen Newman on fencing off-days), or to spend a perfectly viable Saturday night playing Dungeons and Dragons. He has been likened to both Marvel’s Wolverine and Street Fighter’s Colonel Guile.  He is currently learning Capoeira, and has the miraculous ability to not fence for months and still brutalize almost every opponent in MACFA.

Foil, Saber, Adamantium Claws
MACFA 1 - Haverford 2008, MACFA 2 - SIT 2009


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