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Picture Name Hometown Major Graduation Yearsort icon Weapons

Dalton Kamish's picture
Dalton Kamish 2016 Foil

Jonathan Lowry's picture
Jonathan Lowry 2016

Daniel Kim's picture
Daniel Kim Los Angeles, CA Archaeology 2015 Foil

Steve Pochapin's picture
Steve Pochapin New York, NY CS 2015 Saber

Mike Peraza's picture
Mike Peraza Shoreham, New York Pre-med, Biological Engineering 2015 EPEE!!!!!!!!, FTW

Danny Qiao's picture
Danny Qiao ILR 2015 Epee

Alex Cheng's picture
Alex Cheng Anaheim, California Economics 2015 Foil

Adam Kirsch's picture
Adam Kirsch Englewood, NJ Industrial and Labor Relations 2015 Epee

Matthew Laks's picture
Matthew Laks Commack, NY Industrial and Labor Relations 2015 Saber

Matthew Joe's picture
Matthew Joe Manhasset, NY Industrial and Labor Relations 2014 Sabre


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