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Zach, a B10 in sabre, has been fencing since January ‘08, engaging in a mix of local USFA tournaments, NAC’s, and other national tournaments. Outside of Cornell, he has been training under Ariana Klinkov at the Prise de Fer fencing club outside of Boston. At Cornell, Zach has been growing more successful at club tournaments, achieving a MACFA record of .792, and earning 2nd and 3rd place at USACFC and MACFA Championships, respectively, in 2011.

Zach’s work ethic can be characterized as very rigorous and focused on self-improvement. He will consistently stay late and will aim to attain as much fencing time as possible. He strives everyday to incorporate new technique, strengthen pre-existing actions, and to better himself in absence of a local sabre coach.
Zach will serve as web administrator for the second year in the 2011-2012 season. Incidentally he intends to major in Computer Science and potentially Greek.
Without a doubt, Zach is undeniably the most attractive fencer at Cornell.  We often use his radiant beauty to light dark hallways or to advertise to prospective female fencers.

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Computer Science and Classics
Bedford, New Hampshire

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