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Trevor fenced at the Rochester Fencing Club under the tutelage of Nat Goodhartz. He began fencing when he was eight years old, and started fencing on the national circuit the following year.

During Ertel’s freshman season, he fenced only saber at MACFA meets. Despite it being his secondary weapon, he still made a strong contribution to the team.  Overall, he had a winning record of .59. At MACFA Championships 2009, he swept C-Strip saber and placed 8th in the individual round.  The following season, Trevor switched back to foil, earning much stronger season records of 30-6 (.833) in 2010, and 22-5 in 2011 (.815).  Trevor has been a keystone fixture of the two-time gold medal foil squad at MACFA Championships, dropping only one bout in the 2010 team rounds and placing 7th in the individual event. In 2011, he improved upon these results by going undefeated in the team rounds and placing and 5th in individuals.

Trevor is a senior in the College of Engineering. He can be counted on to enjoy a good jam session with his bass guitar, a good swim (he swims at Helen Newman on fencing off-days), or to spend a perfectly viable Saturday night playing Dungeons and Dragons. He has been likened to both Marvel’s Wolverine and Street Fighter’s Colonel Guile.  He is currently learning Capoeira, and has the miraculous ability to not fence for months and still brutalize almost every opponent in MACFA.

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Rochester, NY

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Foil, Saber, Adamantium Claws


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