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Mike is a sophmore, and one of the ravishing new fencers on the team, with no accolades or medals in fencing whatsoever. In high school, Mike participated in Cross Country, Wrestling, and Track during the school year earning a varsity letter eleven times all together. Also, he played baseball in high school during the summer. During high school Michael acted at theatre 3 performing showcases in Port Jefferson, NY as well as taking acting classes at his school. In addition to acting, Mike also plays guitar and has performed in coffee houses and talent shows. In terms of academic clubs was treasurer of student government, the senior class and junior class as well as a member of science bowl, global awareness club, Nexus community service, varsity brainstormers, National Honor society, science olympiads, and community volunteer track programs.

Freshman year at Cornell, Mike rowed for the Heavyweight Varsity Crew Team and majored in Biological engineering following the premed track with a minor in AEM. Michael is the son Tony and Rose Peraza, and has two younger brothers.

Michael enjoys weight lifting, running, being a much better debater than Harrison Fox, playing sports with friends, singing along to the radio while in the car, thinking up hypothetical situations, and absolutely loves discussing nerdy stuff like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, etc. Mike is probably the tallest member of the team and has the best/sexiest tan with his mix of different ethnicities.

Graduation Year
Pre-med, Biological Engineering
Shoreham, New York

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